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[spoiler title=”Social Media Strategic Campaign Development & Management” open=”0″ style=”1″]


Social Media/Online Development and Marketing is a technique that goes beyond the traditional social media presence. We will introduce your brand to advance social media communities. But building a community is only the first part of this process. Utilizing Viral Campaign development to drive sales, publicize marketing or crowd source operations is the true power of utilizing social media for Brand Marketing.

Creating a basic social media presence is easy enough, getting your community to actually engage with your brand is more challenging. We will help you build your community; make your marketing more effective and aggressive while incentivizing traffic. Our services are highly affordable and are customized to suit each client.


Social media marketing management encompasses building your brand, loyalty, customer base and much more. Longo Advertising offers highly customized social media marketing management services that help companies of all sizes with their ongoing social media marketing needs. With your best interests in mind, we can create an affordable social media plan that begins with us learning your business and ends with your satisfaction over the growth of your business. We believe in taking a hands-on approach when it comes to Social Media Management. Especially when dealing with real people (fans, followers, consumers, etc) interacting with your brand online. Our social media management services consist of a “Real Live Account Manager” that manages your social media in real time.

We will assign you a dedicated experienced social media account manager, who will moderate, publish and monitor your social media conversations, comments, and questions across all relevant social media networks. The account manager will work closely with a point person at your company and will be educated on your brand, products, and policies. We can also train your in-house staff to monitor, evaluate and respond to social media comments in a timely manner. This real time effectiveness provides a first-rate customer service for your fans, followers and consumers.
[spoiler title=”Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” open=”0″ style=”1″]Longo Advertising offers outstanding search engine optimization results for your business website. Our web marketing service assures your business success. We custom fit our website optimization services to each client and each specific market. Our team has more than a full decade of successful online marketing and promotional experience on expanding your business goals.
SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a complex process to boost the position of a website in the rankings of the major search engines for a specified keyword. Good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the secret to a superior website. SEO is not just tricks and sham, it is good site structure, great content, and imaginative marketing.

SEO is divided into two major phases on site and off site optimization.

On-site optimization is your presentation card to the search engines.

Title Tags

• Meta Description
• Headings
• Content
• Keyword Density
• File Naming
• Images Alt Tag
• Site Maps
• Robots Text
• 404 Error Page

Off-site optimization consists of all the techniques not performed directly on your website.

• Article marketing
• Link
• Blogging
• Directory Submission

We will make SEO recommendations and changes to optimize your website to target better the audiences that you are looking to target for your business and throughout your website.


[spoiler title=”Online Video & Viral Marketing Promotional Campaigns” open=”0″ style=”1″]Viral marketing spreads fast, far and wide–and while spreading, it actually markets your business, brand or cause.
Longo Advertising will create, produce or use your video to then develop a strategic viral marketing program to reach and promote your social and viral marketing goals.
The advantages of viral marketing service are high credibility, low costs, great reach, high efficiency and the opportunity of continuous promotion adjustments. Some of the benefits of viral marketing are:

• Long term gains- attracts visitors for years to come
• Causes exponential growth – reaches a large audience
• Quickly build your reputation
• Easy to combine with other marketing methods
• Increase targeted traffic to your web site.

[spoiler title=”Social Media Marketing Optimization (SMMO)” open=”0″ style=”1″]Longo Advertising will develop a customized strategic approach to your Social Media Marketing Optimization (SMO). Social Media Marketing Optimization is more than creating profiles and adding bulk loads of friends in all the social networking sites or blasting out bulletins. It’s more than creating a link bait video and distributing it. And, while (SMO) is an important approach to your marketing strategies, there is more to it.

Social media is really about engaging communities and increasing awareness of products or services in new ways to achieve otherwise impracticable business value. It is about strategy. It is about thriving, surviving or otherwise disappearing in a new age of human behaviors fueled by mass interactive collaboration.

[spoiler title=”Creative Services” open=”0″ style=”1″]A hallmark of Longo Ad is our creative department. Our innovate ideas have been recognized in various industries: Retail (Macys, Nordstrom), Auto Industry (MINI Cooper) , Entertainment Industry (Sony Music, Universal Music, Nickelodeon, Travel and hospitality Industry Royal Caribbean Cruse, Occidental Hotels and Resorts ) Sport Industry ( Sony Ericson ) Beverage and food (Coca-cola).
We will work with you develop creative concepts that will promote the special and unique aspect of your company, reach your target audiences with your key message points and help you achieve your goals while maintaining and elevating your reputation.
Creative comes in many form. It can be a product idea, a new program, an innovative branding element, a whole new way to drive business, a different way to think about your problem, a unique take on the solution, and something we haven’t yet thought about. We believe a good idea is a good idea.[/spoiler]