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How it works

How it Works

We believe that maximizing the full potential of your business means taking responsibility to drive all relevant social media marketing and communication channels specific to your business needs and customers. We will build the most comprehensive social media communities and communication mediums, which drive sales and consumer loyalty while building a strong social media presence by means of our strategic five step approach.


[spoiler title=”Listen & Build” open=”0″ style=”1″]Social media has radically shifted how consumers make buying decisions; therefore research is essential for appropriate execution and implementation of any kind of marketing strategy or campaign.  We create new or build upon your existing Social Media presence based on your specific needs and your client niche.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”Listen & Engage” open=”0″ style=”1″]By gaining insights about the conversations and the stakeholders talking about your brand, your products, your markets and your competitors, we will engage your clients in an effective and sincere, honest and transparent dialogue through multiple social media channels and blogs.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”Listen & Monitor” open=”0″ style=”1″]Social Media monitoring is the vital process of listening and responding to conversations related to your business that occur throughout the social media channels.   The monitoring process will never stay the same, however, by critically investing in this process you will have the greatest potential at successfully engaging your clients.[/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”Growth & Development” open=”0″ style=”1″]The implementation of strategies that are a consequence of the Listening and Building process is a significant part in the insight into online social media marketing growth and development.

Brand Strategy: Establishing connections that come together, inspire and grow.

It starts with growing relationships. Longo Advertising helps clients establish connections through a targeted strategy that seeks to connect, inspire and grow. Through message testing, strategic insight and creative, we fashion strong branding that communicate your central idea that carries through to all your social media components. We develop persuasive targeted social media, and traditional paid media campaigns that engage your audience in a dialogue about your brand and persuade them to support your cause.

Corporate Communications: Defining your message to drive your brand.

Longo Advertising will help you influence stakeholder opinion, change perception, drive dialogue and create compelling campaigns to capture your company’s story. Through an integrated social media structure, connecting stakeholders to your company, and external support for your corporate objectives, we will help you define a message that drives your brand.

Crisis Communications: Prompt response to emergent challenges.

Crises and public relations challenges surface everyday, in every industry across the country. Longo Advertising strategies’ will help you ease industry challenges and manage an appropriate response — online, in the media and on the ground. We have the online capabilities, social media shrewdness, and media expertise and field network to deliver a prompt response to grasp and stop crises before they escalate, ensuring challenges are eliminated, restoring confidence and helping shape the conversation that follows.

Media Strategy: Positioning your narrative for brand exposure.

Longo Advertising provides comprehensive media strategies by equipping the social media environment to understand your narrative and positioning your message to be viewed by key stakeholders and growing exposure for your brand.

Grassroots Marketing: Identifying stakeholders to grow your brand.

Marketing a cause or a brand today is all about perception. Nothing holds more credibility than that of consumers and word-of-mouth marketing. Longo Advertising offers stakeholder engagement strategies and research-based marketing to identify key audiences and their trusted influencers, build relationships with brand users and help grow your product or service. Through our integrated social media campaigns and outreach initiatives, we can grow your stakeholders and expand your influence exponentially.

[spoiler title=”Monitoring & Analysis” open=”0″ style=”1″]The final process of social media marketing is all about monitoring and analyzing the existing results and comparing them with the objectives that need to be accomplished.

Social media campaign monitoring and analysis is just as important in the same way as the evaluation of your traditional medical campaigns. Your customers and audiences are no longer getting their information from traditional sources. They are talking about your brand whether you choose to listen or not.

While the expectation of staying on top of all that conversation can seem intimidating, it actually presents opportunities. Longo Advertising has the tools available to help you easily monitor what’s being said, share information, evaluate the outcome and adjust your message.

When people are talking about your brand there’s no better way to find out how you can help. This is where real-time social media monitoring is important, we will respond as soon as something happens. If your customer had a bad experience, we will reach out to them and offer to help.

Social media monitoring is not just to see what people are saying about your brand, it’s also to see what people are saying about your competitors. Use social media monitoring as a complete market research tool, social media is the world’s largest focus group, just start by listening. You may learn that people like or dislike your latest product. We will use monitoring and analysis to improve your social media brand.


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